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F8 is a processor system which are used in the Fairchild Video Entertainment System (Channel F) and other machines. The smallest usable system usually contains a Central Processing Unit (CPU) 3850 and a Program Storage Unit (PSU) 3851 with 1kB space.
The 3850 is an 8-bit processor with 64 bytes of on-chip RAM and the first PSUs could generally hold 1kB of ROM data. To keep the chip pin count down the F8 system doesn't have an address bus but instead each chip in the system has it's own program counter. Control signals are sent to all chips in the system using five ROMC signals. Very innovative for its time.

Chips are listed below:

3850 CPU

Central Processing Unit

3851 PSU

Program Storage Unit

3852 DMI

Dynamic Memory Interface

3853 SMI

Static Memory Interface

3854 DMA

Direct Memory Access Controller

3861 PIO

Peripheral Input/Output


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Read more in F8_User's_Guide_(1976)(Fairchild) (.pdf 13.8MB)

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