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System Fairchild composite video modification

Working mod schematic

Construction can be used for many other machines as well.
Channel F composite mod schematic.jpg

Example PCB

Composite mod rendered PCB top.pngComposite mod rendered PCB bottom.png
Example of PCB using SMD components.


Fairchild Video Entertainment System / Channel F

Channel F composite hookup point.jpg
Connect composite in wire to the resistor by the RF box where the black clamp is placed. Audio can be picked from speaker output using about 150kOhm in series.

Channel F II

Channel F II composite video modification overview.jpg Channel F II composite mod detail.jpg

Channel F II composite mod audio.jpg Channel F II composite video modification jumper.jpg
Available 5V shown with red and blue wires in top right position of circuitboard and composite signal source has been hooked up with a red clamp on a resistor by the LED.
Audio hookup point is the transistor pin that the green arrow is pointing at. Last circled jumper should be opened to remove annoying moving patterns over colored areas.

SABA Videoplay 2

SABA Videoplay 2 composite video mod hookup.jpg SABA Videoplay 2 composite mod second image.jpg
5V and ground is hooked up directly to the 5V regulator, video is taken from capacitor pin (yellow wire).
The white wire from the speaker is originally connected to the little RF board, connect it to the PCB instead.
In the image you see audio hooked up with a loose resistor and capacitor instead of using the PCB.