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Welcome to the VES wiki! Here you can find out user-donated information on all sorts of programming info for the Channel F.


The VESWiki was set up as a repository for information related to the VES and VES programming. Some of the many things we'd like to make available are disassemblies, console or technical information, tutorials and guides for both software and hardware, code snippets, and complete games. We encourage you to add any information you have, or to make a page promoting your own game (which you can host here, if you like).

Getting Started

If you'd like to get started programming games for the Channel F, try downloading the
Development Pack (.zip, 3.8 MB).
It includes the DASM assembler, the MESS emulator and Pac-Man as a sample game that you can edit, compile and test. Just unpack it and doubleclick ..\devel\games\pacman\!compile+run.bat and it should start right up. Press Esc to leave the debugger.
Read up on the guides below and have fun!

Useful pages

Information in pdf:s

Here is a complete Guide in pdf format on how to program a F8 processor system:
F8 Guide to Programming (.pdf, 3.42 MB)
F8 User's Guide (1976)(Fairchild) (.pdf, 13.8 MB)

These are a few shorter pdf:s with information on the F8 system and its circuits:
F8 general info (.pdf, 146kB)
F3850 the CPU (.pdf, 1.49MB)

F8 info by Terry Polhoff (.pdf, 698kB)
F3851+56 Program Storage Unit (.pdf, 1.5MB)
F3852+53 Dynamic and Static Memory Interface (.pdf, 720kB)